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Yvonne's Art Journal

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Hey! Welcome to my art journal! Here I'll post all my art, like wallpapers, icons, headers, banners and an occasional layout and sometimes screencaps. I have posted tutorials in the past and I might continue to do so in the future. Requests are also not uncommon, so be sure to friend this journal, because requests are only open to members.

Note: I won't friend you with this journal, but it's an honor having people friend me. You can always add me as southsidesister.

The rules are simple:

#1 Always give credit to me when you take something from this site. When you use an icon, credit like this:

Headers and banners should be credited in the userinfo.
#2 Never repost my art somewhere without my permission and again, always credit me with a link back to this journal.
#3 Please comment! It takes 30 seconds, but it lets me know how many people like my stuff and that's a good incentive for me to continue.

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http://www.hybrid-genesis.net/- http://www.echoica.net/
http://www.misprintedtype.com/ - http://jojosangm.deviantart.com/
http://www.brusheezy.com/ - http://www.obsessionofthemoment.com/

http://www.corbis.com - http://www.hollywoodsbest.net/
http://www.thecelebritycity.com/ - http://www.superiorpics.com/
http://www.ultimatejoaquingallery.com - http://www.dearjoaquin.com

If I have forgotten to credit anyone, please let me know.

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Credit for the layout goes to minty_peach

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